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Real Estate Fraud Attorney

Real estate fraud and allegations have become increasingly prevalent, jeopardizing the interests and rights of buyers, sellers, investors, and other parties involved. As a result, it is critical to seek the expertise of a skilled Real Estate Fraud Lawyer to protect your interests and navigate the legal complexities associated with these cases. To arrange a free consultation today, call Bridgford, Gleason & Artinian at (949) 831-6611 or reach us online.

Why Choose Our Real Estate Fraud Lawyer?

  • We are dedicated to providing you with personalized attention, empathy, and the highest level of client service. Our real estate lawyers listen attentively to your concerns, communicate transparently, and keep you informed at every stage of the legal process.
  • Our firm has a strong track record of successful outcomes in real estate fraud cases. We have helped numerous clients recover their losses, protect their rights, and obtain just compensation.
  • We have built a reputation for our integrity, professionalism, and ethical standards. Clients trust us to handle their real estate fraud cases with the utmost care, discretion, and confidentiality.
  • Our partners successfully argued and prevailed in the landmark appellate decision Furla v. Jon Douglas Co. (1998) 65 Cal.App.4th 1069, which established a standard of care and duties owed by real estate brokers to purchasers in residential real estate transactions.

Types of Real Estate Fraud Cases We Handle

Our team specializes in handling a wide range of real estate fraud matters, including:

Purchase and Sale Transactions

Parties to a real estate transaction, whether residential or commercial, are well advised to seek legal counsel concerning their respective duties, obligations and rights in the transaction.  To minimize liability, everyone on the selling side should disclose, investigate, and continue to disclose before and during escrow.

Investment and Ponzi Schemes

Real estate investment and Ponzi schemes lure investors with false promises of high returns. Our lawyers can represent clients who are accused of or have fallen victim to such schemes, including cases of securities fraud, misrepresentation of investment opportunities, fraudulent real estate development projects, and unregistered investment offerings.

Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud consists of deceitful practices during the loan origination process, such as providing false information, inflating property values, or concealing vital details. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to represent clients in cases involving identity theft, straw buyers, loan modification scams, predatory lending, etc.

Property Flipping Fraud

Our lawyers can assist clients in cases involving fraudulent appraisals, undisclosed property defects, false documentation, misrepresentation of property value, etc.

Foreclosure Fraud

Foreclosure fraud occurs when individuals or entities take advantage of distressed homeowners facing foreclosure by engaging in deceptive practices. Our attorneys are well versed in handling foreclosure fraud cases, including illegal foreclosure rescue schemes, fraudulent loan modifications, forged or robo-signed documents, and predatory lending practices.

Title Fraud

Title fraud is the unlawful transfer of property ownership completed by falsifying documents or forging signatures. Our lawyers can guide clients through the complexities of title fraud cases, including claiming or defending against fraudulent transfers, identity theft, forged deeds or liens, and undisclosed encumbrances.

Construction Fraud

Construction fraud encompasses various deceptive practices related to building and renovation projects. Our lawyers handle various cases, including those related to contractor fraud, substandard construction, billing fraud, concealed defects, and material substitution.

We Can Help

Our firm has handled cases resulting in settlements and awards from hundreds of thousands of dollars to multiple millions. If you have been a victim or are facing allegations of real estate fraud, contact Bridgford, Gleason & Artinian today. Our Real Estate Fraud Lawyers offer free and confidential consultations to evaluate your case and provide you with legal guidance.

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