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Maui Wildfire and Utility Attorney


If you have been affected by the wildfires in West Maui / Lahaina in Hawaii then contact us immediately. BGA is working with Jay Stuemke, Esq. of the Stuemke Law Firm PLLC in Kailua, HI who is Of Counsel on the Maui Fires.

The people of Maui are experiencing an unprecedented crisis in the wake of severe wildfires. The fires have devastated the lands and communities of West Maui and Lāhainā, with over 100 victims killed and thousands of acres destroyed. If you or someone you know has been affected by the wildfires on Maui, contact Bridgford, Gleason & Artinian immediately.

 Our law firm is investigating the damages incurred from what is now the United States’ deadliest wildfire event in over a century. We understand the challenges faced by wildfire survivors and are prepared to go up against the utility companies that are responsible. We can help if you experienced property damage, business losses, personal injury or the wrongful death of a loved one. 

We are working with Jay Stuemke, Esq. of the Stuemke Law Firm PLLC in Kailua, HI, who is of counsel on the Maui fire litigation. If you are a victim of the Maui wildfires, don’t hesitate to contact us to explore your legal rights and options. We will listen to your story and provide personalized advice at no cost. Call (833) 758-0785 now for a free consultation.

What Makes Us the Right Choice

  • We have extensive wildfire litigation experience. Our attorneys have recovered around $1 billion in fire damages for over 7,000 clients. We have collected hundreds of millions in wrongful death settlements for fatal wildfire cases.
  • Our attorneys are not afraid of going up against major utility companies, including Hawaiian Electric and its subsidiary Maui Electric Company (MECO). We have gone up against Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) in California wildfire cases and won.
  • We use a client-focused approach to personal injury law, especially in wildfire litigation, where clients have often lost everything. Bridgford, Gleason & Artinian will meet with you, help you document your losses, send experts to your property and always take your calls.
  • We bring in and consult with experts such as Stephen Long , Kihei based Hawaii Licensed Architect, who has extensive knowledge and expertise on Disaster Response Mitigation and Recovery especially with wildfire disasters. Read Lahaina Fire Architectural Recovery Update and Critical Issues Here.

What Is Wildfire Litigation?

Wildfire litigation refers to civil legal actions taken by individuals, groups and entities who have suffered losses as a result of wildfires. The basis of wildfire litigation is negligence, or the failure to act with proper care. These actions are often brought against utility and electric companies for negligently causing or contributing to wildfires, such as with outdated or poorly maintained equipment. Wildfire cases may also involve human negligence, such as leaving campfires unattended or recklessly burning debris. 

The wildfire litigation process involves victims bringing individual lawsuits or class actions against those who are deemed responsible for causing the wildfires. These lawsuits seek financial compensation, also known as damages, for the losses suffered by wildfire survivors. Damages may include personal injury, wrongful death, property losses and business losses. Wildfire litigation can involve multiple parties, including utility companies, government agencies and insurance corporations.

Why You Need an Attorney for Maui Wildfire Litigation

An attorney from Bridgford, Gleason & Artinian can help you and your family navigate the legal challenges associated with recovering from the disastrous Maui wildfires. If you have been impacted by the blaze, we can guide you to key recovery resources during this difficult time. We are working closely with local counsel in Hawaii to provide answers and solutions to clients who are struggling with insurmountable losses.

We are taking part in active investigations into the cause of the Maui wildfires, and are prepared to go up against Hawaiian utility companies on behalf of our clients. Our litigators can work with you to bring a lawsuit against those responsible for causing the wildfires, including MECO. We can file insurance claims on your behalf or, if you are uninsured/underinsured, seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit

Our attorneys will use aggressive legal strategies and retain experts to establish your wildfire losses. This may include landscape architects, construction estimators and real property appraisers. We can also retain local arborist experts on Maui to attest to specialized landscape damage lost in the fires. We will keep you updated about the status of your wildfire case as we fight to achieve the results that you deserve.

What We Know About the Devastating Maui Wildfires

On August 8, 2023, wildfires swept across West Maui – causing a death toll that has currently reached 115 (with hundreds still missing), destroying hundreds of homes and bringing the historic town of Lāhainā down to almost nothing. As of the latest information from the Maui Fire Department, more than 2,200 structures have been destroyed in Lāhainā, causing an estimated $5.5 billion in damage. The wildfires have demolished communities, homes, businesses, wildlife habitats and natural resources. 

Extreme weather conditions in Maui County prior to the ignition of the wildfire contributed to how quickly the fires raged across the island. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, 16 percent of Maui County was in a severe drought at the time that the fire began. Summer is a hot, dry season in Hawaii, where most of Maui’s vegetation lacks moisture – creating kindling to stoke the wildfires that were sparked.

Combined with strong winds from Hurricane Dora, which was located offshore as a Category 4 storm at the time of the fire, the dry climate fueled the flames of the wildfire and pushed them rapidly across western Maui. The damage caused by this catastrophic event, both physical and emotional, for the people of Maui cannot be put into words. It is a tragedy that has ravaged Hawaiian indigenous peoples and placed the community in jeopardy.

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What Financial Compensation May Be Available to Victims of the Maui Wildfire?

Maui wildfire victims may be eligible for financial compensation for various physical, financial and emotional losses. While no amount of money can make up for the immense trauma you have suffered from this disaster, obtaining fair compensation can help your family rebuild as much as possible and move forward with less financial stress. You may be able to seek compensation for the following types of losses:

  • The value of repairing or replacing damaged or destroyed property
  • The loss in value of your home or business
  • The price to restore your home to its previous condition, if possible
  • Compensation for the contents of your home, including personal property with sentimental value
  • Compensation for landscaping and the destruction of trees
  • Past and future medical expenses for any injuries you suffered
  • Wrongful death damages if a loved one lost his or her life in the fires
  • Lost income from being unable to work, both temporarily and due to a permanent disability
  • Business losses, either from property destruction or disruptions due to the fire
  • Displacement expenses, such as temporary living costs or relocation
  • The deaths of pets or livestock
  • Pain and suffering compensation, which can include physical pain from injuries, emotional distress, inconvenience and worry
  • Possible punitive damages, if a defendant is found guilty of gross negligence

You may be eligible for financial compensation if you experienced any type of physical injury, property loss or damage, financial loss, business loss, or the death of a loved one in the Maui wildfires. At Bridgford, Gleason & Artinian, we can navigate insurance coverage shortfalls such as uninsured damages, coverage limits and high deductibles on your behalf. Our Orange County personal injury attorneys will do what it takes to seek maximum financial compensation if you have suffered tremendous losses in the Maui fires.

Utility Company Negligence and the Maui Wildfires

Residents of Maui and Lāhainā are filing lawsuits against Hawaiian Electric and other responsible parties for their roles in the recent wildfires. In extreme winds such as those caused by Hurricane Dora, utility companies such as Hawaiian Electric and MECO are supposed to shut off power to reduce the risk of wildfires and keep customers safe. This became the industry standard after many devastating California wildfires. MECO failed to comply with this standard and did not turn off its power during Hurricane Dora, which had winds that reached 80 miles per hour. 

Lawsuits that have already been filed allege that the Maui wildfire began when MECO’s powerlines came into contact with ground vegetation after the company’s power poles went down, immediately sparking in the dry grass due to bare, uninsulated electrical wires. Experts have stated that there is a “very low” probability of fires sparking with properly insulated wires. Contributing to the problem was the utility company’s outdated wooden power poles, which were leaning and in need of replacement, as they did not meet a 2002 national standard that required Hawaii’s electrical grid to withstand 105-mile-per-hour winds. 

Wildfire victims are taking legal action for the downed power poles, the uninsulated power lines that sparked the fires and the failure of the utility company to shut off its power in high-risk conditions. These acts of negligence initiated the fires and caused them to engulf West Maui and Lāhainā at an incredible rate – consuming homes, properties and businesses and causing hundreds of serious injuries and deaths. Now, victims are seeking justice from Hawaiian Electric and MECO for failing to prioritize wildfire prevention and mitigation practices that could have saved lives.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Maui Wildfire Litigation and Utility Attorney?

Bridgford, Gleason & Artinian operates on a contingency fee basis for wildfire victims in Hawaii. We do not take attorney’s fees on undisputed compensation that you receive from an insurance company for wildfire recovery, such as rebuilding and property repairs. We only deduct a legal fee from compensation received for losses that your insurance policy does not cover. If we secure financial compensation for a claim that is disputed between you and your insurance company, this is where we will take our attorney’s fee from.

Resources for Maui Wildfire Survivors

Below are several resources to aid survivors of the Maui wildfires. For up-to-date information on available disaster relief programs, visit Maui Nui Strong, which has been set up by the County of Maui to help wildfire victims.

  • The Emergency Prescription Assistance Program: helps uninsured people obtain the medications and medical equipment that they need after the Maui wildfires.
  • The Family Assistance Center: helps people who are seeking information about those who are still unaccounted for on Maui. Open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency’s Monarchy Ballroom (200 Nohea Kai Drive, Ka‘anapali).
  • Food and Supply Distributions: West Maui residents can receive food and supplies at Lāhainā Gateway (325 Keawe St.) from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There will also be a mobile health vehicle present.
  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA): provides financial aid for eligible funeral expenses for deceased family members from the fires. Speak to a FEMA specialist at any open Disaster Recovery Center for more information.
  • The Hawaii Department of Health: offers crisis mental health counseling and extended hours for victims who are experiencing mental, emotional or psychological distress as a result of the Maui wildfires. Call (808) 984-2150 or email
  • U.S. Small Business Administration Loans: financial loans may be available to affected businesses, homeowners and renters that have experienced damages or economic losses as a result of the fires. For more information, call (800) 659-2955.
  • Steps to take after a wildfire: we offer a checklist of steps to take if you are facing losses from a wildfire. These steps include saving photographs of your home that you took before the fire, obtaining copies of official documents that were lost, reviewing your insurance policy, and creating an inventory list of items that were damaged or destroyed.

At Bridgford, Gleason & Artinian, we offer free consultations with our wildfire and utility litigation attorneys at (866) 553-6839 if you wish to learn more information about your legal rights as a survivor. You can speak to an attorney about your losses from the Maui wildfires at no cost or obligation to hire us.

Contact Us for a Free Case Review With a Maui Wildfire Litigation and Utility Attorney

It can be difficult to think about the future after a disaster as extreme as the Maui wildfires. At Bridgford, Gleason & Artinian, our lawyers work hard to help clients recover and look ahead with hope after devastating wildfires. We can seek the financial compensation that you deserve while making sure you have everything you need during this incredibly difficult time.

 If you or your family has been impacted in any way by the fires in West Maui or Lāhainā, help is available. You do not have to face wildfire litigation alone. Our Maui wildfire litigation and utility attorneys have the experience, resources and knowledge to fight for your rights and help you rebuild your life.

We are passionate about holding those responsible for wildfires accountable for negligence. For more information about how we can help you as a victim of the fires on Maui, call (833) 758-0785 or (949) 401-7688. Don’t wait. Contact our office today to get the help that you need.

Advertising Material: Hawai’i Attorney Jay Stuemke is responsible for the content of this advertisement.

ADVERTISING MATERIAL: If you have been affected by the wildfires in West Maui / Lahaina in Hawaii then contact us immediately. BGA is working with Jay Stuemke, Esq. of the Stuemke Law Firm PLLC in Kailua, HI who is Of Counsel on the Maui Fires. Read the Press Release Here.