The Orange County Register Covers Wrongful Death Case on Behalf of Father of Las Vegas Shooting Victim

The Orange County Register reported on the lawsuit filed on October 17 on behalf of Gus Castilla, the father of Las Vegas shooting victim Andrea Castilla.

The Castilla family’s attorney, Richard Bridgford, in a statement announcing the filing of the wrongful-death lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court alleged that the hotel, the security companies for both the hotel and the concert, the companies that set up the concert and the manufacturer of the bump stock devices were all responsible for Castilla’s death.

“It’s heartbreaking as it was clearly avoidable,” Bridgford said in his statement. “The shooter should never have been allowed in the hotel with the armory he had and should never had been able to deliver his rapid-fire barrage after admitted. As for the actual concert, poor security created a killing zone.”

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