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Posted on 05/06/24 Personal Injury

If you get injured in an accident in California and someone else is to blame, you may have grounds to file a personal injury case in pursuit of justice and financial compensation from the at-fault party. After you file, you will become the plaintiff and have the burden of proving your claim. Your medical records

Posted on 11/10/23 Personal Injury

If you get injured in a preventable accident in Southern California, hiring an attorney could significantly improve your legal experience during the personal injury claims process. You can trust an attorney to use proven legal strategies to fight for the best possible results for your case. If you have not yet decided to hire an

Posted on 11/05/23 Personal Injury

A brain injury case is a type of personal injury claim where an individual who suffers a brain injury in an accident seeks financial compensation from one or more at-fault parties. These are complex cases that often require assistance from a skilled Orange County personal injury attorney . Learn more about a potential brain injury

Posted on 10/24/23 Personal Injury

Wildfires are a constant risk for residents of California. Over the last five years, wildfires destroyed approximately 1,555,292 acres of land in the state, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. If you sustained property damage or bodily injuries as a result of a wildfire, learn about potential liability and litigation options

ADVERTISING MATERIAL: If you have been affected by the wildfires in West Maui / Lahaina in Hawaii then contact us immediately. BGA is working with Jay Stuemke, Esq. of the Stuemke Law Firm PLLC in Kailua, HI who is Of Counsel on the Maui Fires. Read the Press Release Here.