Lawsuit Filed Against Contractor of Talega Homes

Bridgford, Gleason & Artinian LLP founding partner Richard Bridgford was quoted in an article published by the San Clemente Times on September 3, 2015 about the class action lawsuit the firm filed on behalf of San Clemente residents against a contractor responsible for constructing and installing copper piping in Talega Homes.

The residents claim that Standard Pacific Homes installed the copper piping and the contractor knew the pipes were not long-lasting. According to complaint damages are being sought for the loss of pipe for the damages of those who have already re-piped and other consequential damages to drywall, framing and the interior of the premises as well as other damages.

“The reality is, for purposes of a quote the cost of the re-pipe in the past has been about $15,000 and could be more in the future,” Bridgford said. “We’ve received numerous complaints.”

According to Bridgford, more than 600 to 650 homes from Standard Pacific Homes could be involved in the lawsuit and there are more than 3,000 homes and other buildings that could be affected by copper piping in Talega.