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Bridgford, Gleason & Artinian LLP Secures Win For Ladera Homeowners in Copper Pipe Suit

Posted on 10/12/15 News

Ladera Times wrote about the settlement secured by Bridgford, Gleason & Artinian LLP for homeowners in Ladera Ranch. The firm has won a nearly $2 million settlement in a class action for damages and other relief on behalf owners whose homes were built by MBK Builders, Inc., with defective copper piping in their plumbing system. Plaintiffs who live in several Ladera Ranch neighborhoods alleged that the copper pipe utilized was inadequate and/or defective for the water conditions in the area. Plaintiffs also named a plumbing subcontractor and pipe manufacturer as defendants in this case.

Per the settlement, MBK has agreed to make funds available to the Class Administrator to fund either a complete re-piping of Class Members’ homes using a PEX pipe, or for an epoxy treatment of existing copper piping, up to $11,000 per home (inclusive of costs to restore drywall/paint as necessary due to the repair).

Class Members who have already paid to re-pipe their homes prior to the settlement, or who have already paid for an epoxy treatment of their existing plumbing system, are entitled to reimbursement for the cost of their re-pipe up to $11,000 per home, upon sufficient proof submitted to the Class Administrator that the PEX re-pipe or epoxy treatment was completed and funded by the Class Member. Class members have up to two years to submit a claim to the Claims Administrator.

In conjunction with resolving class claims of the 38 single-family residences, Class Counsel and MBK’s Counsel simultaneously negotiated the settlement of two MBK condominium homeowners’ association claims for Briar Rose Neighborhood Corporation, consisting of 82 units) and Briar Rose II Neighborhood Corporation, consisting of 70 units.

The per unit settlement amount agreed upon and paid was $10,375 per condominium unit. After reaching agreement on the settlement amounts for the HOA claims, separate counsel for the HOAs separately asserted SB 800 claims including copper plumbing deficiencies.

Ultimately, the HOA claims were resolved as stand-alone settlements between the HOAs and MBK for the same previously negotiated repair cost of $10,375 per unit plus the payment of attorneys’ fees.

“I know this has been a relief for homeowners who are finally getting a fix for this troublesome issue plaguing Ladera neighborhoods,” says Michael Artinian, who is a Ladera Ranch Resident and co-lead counsel at Bridgford, Gleason & Artinian in Newport Beach. “We continue to pursue similar claims in other neighborhoods and are seeking financial resolutions for more Ladera residents.”

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